One way van hire

One way van hire in the UK

Collect your van from one location and return to another!

There are occasions when you need to hire a van at one location and return it another. For this type of van hire, the national van hire companies are the best bet due to their extensive network of rental locations throughout the UK. Some companies will even deliver the van to a local address which removes the problem of getting to the rental station, parking and car park fees.

Reasons to book one way van hire

One way van hire is a convenient way of moving items or belongings from one location to another without having to return the van to the first location, typical situations where one way van hire is a real benefit are:

  • Students moving belongings between home and college or university
  • Moving house, do it yourself and save on removal costs
  • Delivering imported goods from airport to business premises
  • Small business relocation
  • Moving large furniture or other items

One way van hire drop off charges

Van hire companies will typically add a 'drop charge' if you are picking up a van in one location and returning to another. Depending upon the supplier, this may be a set fee, calculated on the distance between the pick-up and drop-off locations or vary based upoin the drop-off location.

Hertz Van Rental

The one way drop off charge for Hertz is set at £100 for a van (and £45 for cars).  For example, to hire a small van from Chester and return it to North London would cost a total of £158, which includes the one way drop off charge of £100. This is a journey of just under 200 miles. The same £100 drop off charge is applied for a trip from Chester to Edinburgh, which is 240 miles.

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The one way drop off charge for Sixt varies depending on which rental station you return your van too. For example, for Manchester to London (a journey of approximately 200 miles) the one way drop off charge is £60. For Manchester to Edinburgh (a journey of around 218 miles) the one way drop off charge is £180. Therefore the charge isn’t necessarily incremental in terms of mileage, it simply depends on where you are returning your van too..

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National Van Rental

With National, the one way drop charge is dependant upon where you return your van too, not how many miles away you are from the pick up point. For example, the one way charge between Manchester and North London is £175 (approximately 200 miles) but between Manchester and Edinburgh is £150 (around 218 miles).

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The one way drop off charge for Europcar varies according to where you return your van. For example, the one way charge on a small van picking up in Manchester and dropping off in London is £175 (plus VAT). The one way charge that is applied to a trip from Manchester and dropping off in Edinburgh is £150 (plus VAT).

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* Figures are correct as of July 2011 and only ued for demonstration purposes only.

Types of vans for one way hire

The larger van hire companies also offer a variety of self drive vans which generally include small courier vans, transit vans in both short and long wheelbase / low and high roof variations and the large and more versatile box van (also referred to as a Luton van) with and without the tail-lift feature. With a wide choice of van models available for one way van hire there is something to suit all situations.

It is advisable to book one way van hire early, your choice of van may have to be requested and arrangements made for its delivery to the required location.

Sixt van hire offers

Sixt van hire offers

Daily van hire
Transit van hire Monday to Wednesday, only £29 a day.

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Student van hire
Save money with Sixt, van hire from only £25 per day.

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Monthly van hire
Long term van hire from just £37 per day.

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