Self drive van hire

Whether you're hiring a van for business or private use, the following guide offers advice and answers some common questions to help make your rental experience quick, easy and hassle free.

Collecting your self drive van

You are usually required to present the following documents upon collection of your van:

  • Your rental agreement or reservation number.
  • Your driver's licence, both the paper licence and the photocard if you have a UK 2 part driving licence - also required for each additional driver.
  • A utility bill (within the last 3 months) if your address of residence is different to that on your driving licence.
  • Photo identification for each driver such as your driving licence photocard or passport.
  • The credit or charge card used to make the booking which should be in the driver's name.

Policies vary but if fuel is not included in the rental you are generally required to return the van with the same amount of fuel as at the start of your rental.

The type of fuel is usually indicated in the vehicles documents but if you are unsure ask a member of staff before you leave the rental station.

Vehicle report form
When you collect your van a report form will be provided and you will be asked to sign to agree that the vehicle is clean, the mileage reading is stated correctly and that any damage to the van is recorded correctly. If you have any discrepancies or concerns discuss them with a member of staff before you leave.

Roadside assistance
If roadside assistance is provided with your rental make sure you know the emergency telephone number to call and what the procedure is to report a breakdown or request assistance.

Driving your van

Mileage restrictions
Self drive vans are usually offered with unlimited mileage or a mileage allowance, if there are mileage restrictions in your rental contract and you exceed them you may be required to pay an excess mileage charge.

Loading heavy objects
If it is necessary to load and unload awkward or heavy objects into your van take care to avoid any chance of injury to your back, legs or arms. Use a lifting aid or trolley if you can.

Safe driving
Before you drive your van, familiarise yourself with all of the controls and adjust the seat and mirrors to suit your driving position. Legislation now requires all occupants of the vehicle to wear correctly fitted seat belts.

Before starting your journey check that the rear or side doors are locked securely.

When driving think about the width, height and responsiveness of the van and become comforable and more confident by driving in light traffic to begin with. If you are unsure of height restrictions or space when parking ask someone to watch and guide you.

If traveling within central London you may be liable for congestion charge.

Always lock your van when leaving it unattended and ensure all valuables and belongings are concealed.

Accidents or damage
If your van is involved in an accident your rental company will require you to complete an accident report form (usually withing a specified time). If the accident involves third parties it is advisable to inform the Police whilst still at the scene of the collision. The same advice applies if your rental vehicle is vandalised or stolen.

Returning your self drive van

Late returns
You must inform your rental company if you are going to return the van later than the time specified in your rental agreement, you may incur extra charges even if you're only an hour late.

Fines and penalties
You are responsible for the cost of parking fines or any other penalties whilst the van is on rent to you.

General advice

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rental process or terms and conditions of your rental agreement, contact your rental company and ask.

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